New iPhone X Rumours: iPhone X ‘Plus’ & ‘Budget’ iPhone X

3 new iPhones are currently in the pipeline, due to release later this year. Each are a variation of last year’s groundbreaking iPhone X, including a revamped iPhone X, a bigger iPhone X ‘Plus’ as well as a more affordable ‘budget’ iPhone X. There had been talk of a smaller option modelled after the iPhone SE, however it appears that idea has been shelved for the time being. Here’s everything we know about the new additions to the upcoming iPhone X line-up: the iPhone X ‘Plus’ and the ‘Budget’ iPhone X.

iPhone X ‘Plus’

Set to have the biggest display on an iPhone yet as well as talk of a whole new set of bells and whistles including a triple-camera and dual-sim capability, this is looking to be a truly impressive smartphone.

Physically it’ll be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, which had a display of 5.5 inches. However because this model retains the iPhone X’s near-bezel-less design, it’ll have a much bigger display of 6.4 inches.

Huawei was first to the party with the triple-camera technology with the P20 Pro and it is truly impressive. Now that Apple is apparently jumping on the bandwagon, we can expect the iPhone X Plus to easily be a top competitor for the best smartphone camera.

As for colour choices, it’s expected to be available in the standard Silver and Space Grey options. However there has also been much excitement around a new Gold colour.


‘Budget’ iPhone X

This model will feature a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD display instead of an OLED screen like on the current iPhone X. An LCD screen doesn’t offer the same image quality as OLED and may use more power, but it does mean this model will be less expensive.

Other ways Apple is expected to cut costs to make this model more affordable are:

  • single rear camera
  • lack of 3D Touch
  • less investment in performance
  • slightly thicker bezels
  • aluminium chassis (unlike the current iPhone X’s steel chassis)

This iPhone may be available in as many as 5 different colours: Gray, White, Blue, Red and Orange.


Fast Charging Cable

On top of all this, there’s evidence that Apple plans on scrapping their traditional Lightning to USB Cable in favour of their new fast charging Lightning Cable. These new cables are expected to come with the new iPhone models, meaning users will get fast charging straight out of the box.


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